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Asylum in the Mind

A Peace in Darkness series coming Winter 2019. An exploration of the darkest corners of the mind.

About Us


Peace in Darkness is a collection of original poems and illustrations combined to create unique and thoughtful artistic works across a range of mediums. The poems were written by Warren Holston over several decades while traveling the world as a tourist, Sailor, and explorer. The illustrations are Christy Laneri’s interpretation of the words and are based on her lifetime as an artist and teacher. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the collective paints an image that broadens the imagination and provokes thought in the darkest corners of the mind. 


The words and images can be haunting, but if you open your mind to the objective you can see there is truth regardless of your beliefs and perspective. The intent of the work is to articulate the truth, that truth is the only reality and perception is formed by one’s surroundings. This is based on a lifetime lived with dozens of cultures, religions, and belief systems. Some of the pieces address subjects we all think about but that many of us are afraid to admit we consider.

The works are intended to define the Peace in Darkness.


Copyright © 2017 Warren Holston and Christy Laneri - all rights reserved.

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